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What is yoga? he asked.
Uhh, that’s a big one, I answered. Yoga is many things. An ancient science, a philosophy, a number of techniques to relax and strengthen body and mind…  a lifelong study.
Is it religion? he asked.
Ha, ha, it’s funny that so many men have that idea, I said. You can make it a religion, you can make whatever you want into a religion if you want to. For me it is not, but it is definitely spiritual. It’s a practise and a way of living, a tool, an instrument for personal development, to find the silent place inside and a way to keep my body flexible, upright and healthy and my mind more clear and more balanced.
I know someone who does yoga, he said. She says it’s her gymnastic.

Fine, I said, to quote my good teacher Simon, she has hit ”the world’s most intelligent gymnastics”. It gets into everything: muscles, flexibility, nervous system, breathing, organs, circulation of the blood, everything. And you have to be so present that it leaves no room for your brain to scoot around all over the place, so it reduces stress … something we surely need in this world.
She certainly did have a short fuse, he grinned, but it has grown a bit longer.
I believe that, I said, because you become more in touch with your self, more balanced. This is my experience, but yoga is so many things to so many people and I reckon we all come with our own intentions and that’s just how it should be.